This site will have a number of different things on it, among them being some computer information, including games, hardware, and software. Most likely the main reason anyone will have for coming here is to check out the forums but I'm hoping that I be able to provide some useful information and links besides just giving a place for everyone to communicate about World of Warcraft

Beyond all of the above, I will be trying to re-make the web-site that we use for Millers Computers. I will be linking them, and will be putting some information about it under computer repair.

If anyone has any suggestions as for stuff to add, or some things that should be here, please let me know, you can either email me at yosh(at)dayosh(dot)com or send me a message on AIM at Yosh obG.

Other Stuff

This area will consist of, well, other stuff. Be it links, small rants, quick tips etc. But for sure there will be links below it for stuff I like and would recommend them to be checked out.


World of Warcraft - by Blizzard
Foobar2000 - Music Player
Slashdot - /. News for nerds
Anandtech - Computer Hardware
Good-Tutorials - PS Tutorials
Pixel2Life - Tut's for everything
Newegg - Computer Parts
Google News - News